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What can WE do for YOU?

Can't seem to get your glasses clean anymore? Feel a little crooked? Normally get your glasses through the VA, but have trouble getting transportation to Fargo? We offer solutions to these issues, as well as a variety of other services to our customers.

  • Frame Adjustments and Tune-Ups. Feeling a little crooked lately? Or maybe you can't seem to find your reading area easily anymore? It is probably time to get your glasses adjusted and tuned up! As you wear your glasses
  • Frame Repairs. Did you break your glasses during a fun-filled weekend at the lake? We are able to successfully repair many types of breakages. Whether we can carefully repair your existing pair, or take a look through our gently used parts, we always try our best to have you leaving with a comfortable and sturdy repair.
  • Individual Frame and Lens Consultation.
  • Eyeglass Cleaning.
  • VA authorized eyewear orders.
  • Out-of-pocket safety glasses.

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